11 Popular Foods That Can Mess With Your Kidneys

Our kidneys are hardworking cleaning machines. They’re incredibly efficient in cleaning our blood and disposing of waste.

Kidneys work nonstop and are vital for our health, so we should take special care of them, they’re worth their weight in gold.

Kidney stones, urinary infections, chronic kidney disease and diabetes can weaken our kidneys severely, and even if you’re healthy, it’s a good idea to watch what you eat and keep those little sponges going. Here’s a list of not-so-friendly foods for your kidneys.

#11 – Table Salt

salt is dangerous to Kidneys

Let’s start with the basics; your kidneys can handle salt, to some point. But even if you’re kidneys work fine, you should cut back on salt; if you have weak kidneys, it’s a must.

Salt makes you hold on more water than what you need, putting pressure not only on your kidneys but on your heart.

#10 – Salty Snacks

salt is dangerous to Kidneys

If salt is the enemy, then all salted snacks are too. The bad news is that every savory snack in the market has salt, and we’re not talking about a pinch, but copious amounts. Fries, jerky, Doritos, potato chips, pretzels, and even most cookies have enough salt to stress out your kidneys.

#9 – Bananas

Bananas, and all fruits, for that matter, are super nutritious and great additions to your diet, but if you have kidney problems, you might want to have something else for breakfast.

Bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that takes a toll on kidneys if they’re not running one hundred percent.

#8 – Meat

meat can affect our kidneys

Red meat; it’s just protein, right? It is, but it’s hard to digest and end up as harmful compounds and acids in your bloodstream that can promote kidney failure.

Choose other protein sources; plant-based proteins are your safest bet, but even chicken, fish and shellfish are better alternatives to red meat.

#7 – Dairy

Dairy products

Although dairy products are rich in vitamins and nutrients, too much milk, yogurt, and cheese might cause more harm than good. And this could happen because of the high amount of phosphorus contained in these foods that might put stress on your kidneys.

Moreover, if your kidneys are not fully functional, they won’t be able to remove the extra phosphorus from your blood and this could lead to thin and weak bones over time and an increased risk of fractures.

#6 – Pickled veggies

Pickled foods

We pickle cucumbers and other veggies to keep them from spoiling and to give them a delicious extra tang! but to do so, we soak them in brine. Brine is nothing but a super-salty liquid and will undoubtedly make your kidneys have a hard time.

#5 – Sodas

Drinking Too Much Diet Soda

Get over sodas; they’re bad for you any way you see them. Even the sugar-free drinks are still packed with conservatives, artificial colorings and god knows what else.

Sodas have high amounts of salts too, including phosphorus, a mineral you should avoid on a renal diet.

#4 – Processed food

Canned goods

Canned food, frozen food, sausages, ready-made dinners, they all have lots of salt that makes them shelf-stable. Avoid all processed food, especially if you have symptoms of kidney disease.

Enjoy fresh food instead, it’s more nutritious and healthier. Cook at home and forget about instant food. Your kidneys will thank you.

#3 – Apricots


This pitted fruit has lots of potassium, and although it’s overall quite healthy and has lots of vitamin C and good fruit sugars, it’s simply too heavy for your kidneys.

Other fruits like oranges could be dangerous too if eaten in large amounts, potassium, like every other salt, is not advisable if you want to take care of your kidneys.

#2 – Dried fruits

Fresh or dried fruits

Like apricots and oranges mentioned above, fruit is a healthy element of a normal diet, but they have lots of minerals that push your kidneys to the limit.

When dried, all these minerals are concentrated, and because it’s more likely for you to eat more dried than fresh fruit, you end up putting too much pressure on your circulatory system and your kidneys.

#1 – Alcohol

Other People's Drinks

You know alcohol damages your liver, but it’s also harmful to your kidneys, as they have to filter out the alcohol from your bloodstream, often causing renal failure.
Alcohol also dehydrates us, which is especially dangerous for a person with kidney maladies.

A piece of advice

If you’re starting a renal diet, avoid the food above and talk to your doctor. Stay active, eat well and don’t make your kidneys work overtime!

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