The 9 REAL Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight

If you have been struggling to lose weight for the longest time, and you have been trying, you are not alone. You may be doing the right things such as getting proper exercise and eating healthy foods in restricted caloric intake. But the pounds just don’t seem to shed.

The 9 REAL Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight

If that is the case, then there is a good chance you have not tried one thing that has been proven to work. That is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has been a great aid for weight loss and that is the thing you need if everything else is failing.

Apple cider vinegar is made out of apples that have been fermented and the main ingredient it has is acetic acid. Acetic acid is the main reason that this substance helps with weight loss. And let’s look at the 9 reasons you will lose weight with apple cider vinegar.

Helps Keep Blood Sugar Levels Low

Blood sugar

The acetic acid is the very thing that helps with lowering blood sugar as it helps the muscles and liver take in glucose from the blood. That is how to normalize blood glucose levels which helps with weight loss in the end.

Keeps Insulin Levels Low

When blood glucose levels are low, so are insulin levels. And studies conducted have found that acetic acid has been the reason that the ratio of insulin to glucose has been decreased.

Helps Spike Metabolism

boost your metabolism

If your metabolism is sluggish and you can’t seem to lose the weight no matter how hard you try, then you want to take apple cider vinegar. Studies have shown that acetic acid has increased enzymes to aid with fat burning which is how metabolism has spiked.

It’s An Appetite Suppressant

bad Appetite

If you are not feeling hungry all of the time, you are not going to eat. Studies have also found that acetic acid has an effect on areas of your brain that controls appetite. And it helps to suppress those areas which are why you won’t feel hungry.

It Burns Fat And Reduces Stored Fat

It Burns Fat And Reduces Stored Fat

You already know that acetic acid speeds up the metabolism, and it burns fat as well. Studies have found that it increases within the genes that help with fat burning. With the metabolism sped up and the genes activated for fat burning you can see how it helps with that.

Helps To Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure does not always result from being overweight but more often than not it can. Since it helps to lower blood pressure as well, which can also aid in the weight loss process. Once again the acetic acid helps reduce blood pressure.

Helps With Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Stimulates your Appetite spoon vinegar

Weight gain often results from insulin resistance which means the insulin is not responding to the glucose in the blood. That can cause you to be hungrier as well which will lead to weight gain. The acetic acid does help with insulin sensitivity which means the insulin responds to carbs and sugar and processes it. That will also help curb your appetite.

Lowers LDL

Lowers LDL apple cider vinegar

If you are overweight there is a good chance that your LDL or bad cholesterol is high which can lead to heart disease and increase the chance of stroke. Acetic acid helps to lower the LDL as well and even increases the HDL which is the good cholesterol. Triglycerides are reduced as well.

However, just because apple cider vinegar can help your weight loss efforts, don’t think you can eat junk and lose weight either. You have to do your part to make it work for you! And talk to your doctor before taking the supplement as if you are taking a high dose you can have unpleasant side effects such as nausea.

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