9 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Everyone knows that our bodies need sleep to function. But in today’s fast-paced society, people have less and less time to do things, so they try and cram as much as they can into one day. The first thing that they do to cram in everything is to reduce the number of hours that they sleep.

Little do they realize that reducing the sleep will hamper their next day performance as well. Adding to that, sleep deprivation has also been linked to deadly diseases like heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

9 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

But there is another kind of sleep deprivation as well. One that is not intentional. Are you the sort of person who goes to bed and then for more than an hour just rolls around with absolutely no sleep. There are a lot of reasons why you might not be getting adequate sleep. Let’s tackle a few of them:

Your mind doesn’t shut off

Your mind doesn't shut off

A lot of people constantly keep thinking of the stuff that worries them in bed. Things like a new project, relationship, financial planning, etc. As the mind is not at peace, the brain cannot go to sleep. The bed isn’t the right place to think over your worries.

The best thing to do in this case is to discuss your worries comprehensively with your partner and then go to sleep. If you have a big house, probably a change in the location of sleeping can also help. When your anxious thoughts have stopped (they usually stop right away), go back to bed, and fall asleep. This strategy, called stimulus control, also helps you to associate the bed and bedroom with sleep rather than with arousal or the frustration caused by the inability to sleep.

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