Science Reveals the Truth About How Often You Should Really Be Washing Different Body Parts

You may believe that the best way to stay clean is to shower on a frequent basis, which you should, and you are right. However, you do not need to shower every day as that can dry your skin out, which will only cause you to develop more problems. However, there are some body parts that you do need to wash daily, whereas other body parts do not require frequent bathing. Let’s go over each body part and examine how often you should wash them.

Your Armpits

Science Reveals the Truth About How Often You Should Really Be Washing Different Body Parts

You need to wash your armpits daily because they do sweat, and the sweat will breed bacteria since underneath your armpits is moist and dark. Imagine not washing your armpits daily, as you would smell terrible. Therefore, washing your armpits with some soap and water and applying deodorant each day will be enough to keep them clean and from smelling. Now, let’s talk about your hair.

Your Hair

Do you need to wash your hair every day? No one can dispute the fresh feeling of washing your hair after getting out of a shower. You feel great and amazing. However, you should not shampoo your hair daily unless you have fine and delicate hair. If you have oily hair, you should shampoo it every other day, and if you have coarse, thick, normal hair, then you should wash it once a week. Washing your hair too much will strip important oils from your skin and scalp, leading to other problems such as dandruff and more oil because of the imbalances.

Your Feet

If you shower all the time, which you should not, you may think it would be enough to clean your feet. However, the water does not get into the cracks and crevices in your feet, which means your feet are not entirely clear from you taking a shower. You would be surprised to know to keep your feet adequately clean. You should wash your feet with soap and water once a day. You will want to use warm water and soap, so you do not end up with callouses and other foot irritation.

Your Tongue

You know to brush your teeth twice a day, but what about cleaning your tongue? Your tongue has small grooves where bacteria can hide, and you may not realize that, but it is important to scrub your tongue with a scraper once a day to banish halitosis. If you fear you cannot do it because of the worry of gagging, you can scrape the area of the tongue that is comfortable for you. However, you will want to work on desensitizing the gag reflex by inching toward the back of your tongue and doing it gently, so you do not risk vomiting.

Your Intimate Area

You will want to wash your intimate area daily because bacteria and fungi breed in the area, and you do not want to risk getting infections. Therefore, wash them with warm water and gentle soap for sensitive areas. You may think those areas are getting a rinse when showering, but they are not, so you need to wash those areas independently.

Your General Body

You may want to shower daily because, again, you feel fresh after. However, washing in hot water daily will remove essential oils from your skin. Therefore, the ideal number of times to wash your general body is about three times a week. You can always take a lukewarm shower if you want to wash more frequently than that, but do not do it daily.

Now you know how often to wash your body, as each part needs you to wash daily, whereas others do not.

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