Signs You Have a Breakthrough Infection After Vaccination

Can you get sick after getting a vaccine? This is the hottest topic these days as more people are getting shots for Covid-19. Well, you can have a breakthrough infection, and it can get dirty.

At best, the vaccines for Covid-19 can reduce the risk of suffering from the virus’s symptoms. They might also reduce the risk of death — taking a vaccine doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but what if you get sick anyway and experience an infection? Here are eight signs you have a breakthrough infection after vaccination.

You Have Fever


High temperatures are a sign that your body is trying to fight an unwanted guest. After all, high temperatures can kill viruses and bacteria — fever is a defense mechanism.

So, if you experience fever after getting a vaccine, it means there’s a battle going on in your system, meaning there’s an infection somewhere, and although mild reactions to a vaccine are expected, this fever shouldn’t last for days.

You Have Headaches

Headaches so intense that they could be called migraines are common in people with infections and are also common in people suffering from Covid infections. And although they’re expected if you get sick, you shouldn’t experience them after being vaccinated — they mean you have an active infection going on.

These headaches might persist for days after getting the vaccine, and they’re undoubtedly a sign that you should call your doctor.

You Have Nasal Congestion


Covid is an aerobic virus, and it causes symptoms not dissimilar to what you get from the common cold. Nasal congestion is present in almost every case of Covid, but it’s also present in people who have been recently vaccinated in rare cases.

This is quite dangerous, especially for those around you. Sneezing, coughing or leaving your tissues around can infect others — yes, you can help spread the virus thanks to the vaccine!

You Might Feel Fatigued

If you’re tired and have difficulty moving, you might be experiencing a breakthrough infection after a vaccine. The worst part is that this symptom might last for months after getting the show, and that’s no fun.

There’s a big chance your body didn’t react to the vaccine, and the virus is causing some trouble. Fatigue is not normal after a standard vaccine, so don’t overlook it.


Our bodies are very sensitive to infections, and it has many ways of showing something’s wrong. Sometimes you can have an upset stomach even if you didn’t eat anything wrong, it can be an infection somewhere else in your body, and yes, it can be related to the vaccine you took recently. If you feel nausea and are vomiting for no apparent reason, it might be the virus.


Our eyes are susceptible to infections, especially to the ones related to the lungs — after all, the eyes are linked to our noses and experience symptoms when something is wrong.

Pink eye has been one of the rarest but still common symptoms of a breakthrough infection after a vaccine shot, and it’s not only uncomfortable, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your body. Perhaps it’s the virus.

Skin Rashes

If Your Rash Is Accompanied With A Fever

Skin rashes are an early sign of a viral infection, and although rare, it has been a symptom in people experiencing symptoms of an infection after a vaccine. The virus in question, Covid-19, is known for its inflammatory properties.

The worst part is that no one knows why this rash happens. Is it the vaccine or the virus? Who knows? What we do know is that if you experience rashes, you should talk to your doctor.

A Sore Throat

The most common sign of experiencing an infection after getting a vaccine for an aerobic virus that affects your respiratory system is a sore throat. You might experience this just hours after getting your shot.

Although some side effects are expected, if your sore throat persists, act before your condition gets worse. And most importantly, try not to infect other people because, yes, a sore throat is a sign that you might be carrying a virus.

Vaccines Matter

Vaccines are necessary; they’ve been the only way we’ve found to stop deadly diseases. Still, vaccines should also be harmless, and if they aren’t then, you might want to raise your voice.

If you’ve taken any vaccine recently and are experiencing severe symptoms, there’s a good chance your body didn’t take the vaccine well, and now you might be at risk of suffering from the disease altogether. Just keep an eye on any symptoms you might be feeling.

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