11 Signs Your Tooth Pain Is Signaling Something More Serious

Sometimes when you eat something freezing such as ice cream or eat something very hot such as piping hot soup, it can hurt your teeth. Tooth sensitivity may be normal to a degree. However, if you are finding that you are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort on various levels, then those are signs that there is an underlying reason for that to be the case.

11 Signs Your Tooth Pain Is Signaling Something More Serious

Let’s look at 11 signs that your tooth pain is the result of something that is more serious than you know.

#11 – Sore Clicking Jaw

Sore Clicking Jaw

This may not necessarily be the result of tooth pain but when you open and close your jaw, it may be sore and it can cause a clicking sound. This is a result of clenching teeth possibly in your sleep or maybe a sign of arthritis. This condition is called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. Your dentist can refer you to a specialist that can help treat the condition and sometimes surgery is recommended.

#10 – Dull Aches

Dull Aches

Toothache that is dull but consistent may be due to the result of constantly grinding teeth. However, if the gums are swollen in addition to that, it may mean that there is something stuck in your gums causing the inflammation and discomfort. You will want to make an appointment with your dentist if this persists.

#9 – Extreme Sensitivity

Extreme Sensitivity

As it was mentioned in the introduction, some tooth sensitivity to heat and cold is normal. However, if the sensitivity is so bad to the point that it makes you want to scream, then it could be the result of enamel worn off causing the roots to be exposed. It is possible that the roots that are exposed can be fixed and you will need to see your dentist as soon as possible before the teeth completely wear away.

#8 – Teeth Alignment Shifting

Teeth Alignment Shifting

Your teeth alignment can shift with age, however, sometimes with worn down enamel, it can shift prematurely. It can cause pain when you are trying to bite into food and can move the teeth around to the point that it can be a challenge when it comes to flossing and cleaning your teeth. This is a problem because it can increase the chance of bacterial growth and can cause gum disease.

#7 – Tooth Pain With Fever

Tooth Pain With Fever

If your teeth are in pain and you have a fever, then you have an infection in your teeth or gums. You may be physically sick as well. You need to see your dentist and go on antibiotics to kill the infection. If the tooth pain persists after the infection is gone, you need to have your teeth and gums reassessed.

#6 – Tooth Pain When You Eat Sugar

Tooth Pain When You Eat Sugar

It is best to limit the consumption of sugar for various reasons, and one being is that sugar can welcome breeding ground for bacteria. But if you experience tooth pain after being sugar, then that can be the result of worn down enamel. Worn down enamel can result from brushing your teeth too hard. This issue always warrants a visit to your dentist.

#5 – Cracked Filling Or Crown

Cracked Filling Or Crown

If you’re experiencing pain in your crown or filling area, then that means it is likely cracked. And you do not want to let this go for too long. This can result in more infections and can cause the area to become a breeding ground for bacteria which can worsen the problem. Unfortunately, it means that the dentist will need to replace the crown or to remove the tooth that is infected with the filling and to replace it with a crown.

#4 – Air Makes The Teeth Painful

Air Makes The Teeth Painful

If you suck in air and your teeth hurt as a result, this could mean that you have a cavity which only is felt when your cavity is exposed to air. You’ll have to see your dentist as you will need a filling if you do indeed have a cavity.

#3 – Gum Inflammation

Inflamed Gums

Your teeth themselves may not be sore but your gums are, and this is a sign that they are inflamed. You could have gum disease and you will need to see a specialist for this, as a periodontist would be able to assess the situation.

#2 – Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth

If you are a young adolescent and are waiting for the rest of your molars to come out so the adult ones come in, then that is normal. However, if you have all of your permanent teeth as you should as an older adolescent or adult, and you are having a loose tooth, then that is a sign of something more serious. Loose teeth may be the result of advanced gum disease and you would have to see a periodontist in order to have it assessed.

#1 – You Have Pressure On Your Teeth

You Have Pressure On Your Teeth

If you feel pressure on your teeth and gums, then it could be a sign that your wisdom teeth are growing in if you have not had them removed. Your wisdom teeth grow a lot between the ages of 16 to 23, but some dentists feel it is not necessary to remove them if they are not causing problems. However, they can still cause problems at a later age and the sooner they are removed, the better.

If you are experiencing any type of tooth or gum discomfort, then you will need to see your specialist and have an assessment done on your teeth. Waiting too long to do so can cause more problems as unpleasant as seeing the dentist can be.

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