14 Signs Your Upper Abdominal Pain May Be an Emergency

If you are having upper abdominal pain, it is never good news. But sometimes it will disappear and when it does disappear, you can forget about it for the time being – until it happens again. And if it happens again, then you will need to see the doctor because something could be going very wrong. But would it be an emergency if you had upper abdominal pain?

Absolutely! In fact, there are 14 signs that your upper abdominal pain means that you will have to get right over to the ER. Let’s go over those signs right now.

If You Are Having The Sweats

If it’s accompanied by sweating

If your pain is accompanied by sweating, that is a dangerous sign. That means your body is under a lot of stress. The sweating would mean that the fight and flight instinct is activated and there is a critical reason that your body is under distress. So if your abdominal pain, even if it is ‘mild’ is accompanied by the sweats, you got to go right to the hospital.

If Blood Is Noticed

Nausea and Vomiting

Whether you see blood in vomit or in the stool, that can be a serious emergency. Sure you could have an ulcer but it could also be a sign of cancer. Anytime you see blood in vomit or in the stool even if there is no pain is a dangerous sign that requires medical attention right away.

Pain Radiates To Other Locations

Jaw, Neck or Back Pain

If the abdominal pain radiates to your shoulders, especially the left, or the left arm, or the neck, it can be indicative of a heart attack. If the pain radiates to anywhere else such as a back it can mean that the pancreas is inflamed or there is the presence of an ulcer.

A High Fever

Fever without any reason

If the pain you have is accompanied by a fever, then you are fighting a serious infection. Especially if you are also having diarrhea, vomiting, and you are unable to stay hydrated. You need to go to the hospital right away.

The Pain Is Tearing

pain in the abdomen

If the pain feels as if it is ripping or tearing and heading to the back, this could be aortic dissection. This means that a tear is in the large artery, the artery that delivers blood with oxygen to other parts of the body has a rip. You need to go to the ER right away because you could end up permanently disabled, or it could cause death.

If The Pain Is Returning

Stomach Aches

There is a good chance that returning abdominal pain without other symptoms is a sign of acid reflux. You still need to see your doctor about it because if it is not treated you could end up with an ulcer or cancer. However, cut back on acidy foods, caffeine, and take antacids as well. If it does improve after doing that, then that is the cause.

You Have A Worrisome Medical History

Pain and body ache

If you have diabetes, or have had heart disease or had surgery in the abdominal area, then you need to go to the hospital if you have abdominal pain. There could be internal bleeding even if there is no presence of blood. But given these facts, you cannot ignore it.

You Are Struggling To Breathe

You’re short of breath

If you are having abdominal pain and are struggling to breathe at the same time, it can be indicative of cardiac distress of some sort. Especially if you are also feeling faint. There may be other reasons for it, but it cannot wait.

You Are Vomiting A Lot

Indigestion, Nausea, and Vomiting

If you have been vomiting from a stomach virus but all of a sudden you are dealing with upper abdominal pain, you may not even have a stomach virus. This can just be a sign that you are dehydrated, but you do need to go to the hospital if this pain is not letting up.

If you’re elderly

Chest Pain

If you are elderly and are experiencing abdominal pain then this is a sign of cardiac trouble. Either way, a visit to the ER is in order and you need to have a thorough check-up. You will also have to have your heart monitored for days and if the pain happens again when there are abnormalities in the heart rate, then you are experiencing cardiac trouble.

If your skin turns yellow

If your skin turns yellow

If you have abdominal pain and at the same time your skin and the whites of your eyes are turning yellow, this is indicative of serious liver or gallbladder trouble. The pain gets worse usually after eating and the pain can be sharp or dull that radiates in other areas of the body. The gallbladder could be blocked or non-functional and will need to be removed. However, the liver can also be problematic and that can be more difficult to treat.

The Pain Worsens Daily


If you are noticing this pain worsening on a daily basis, then you cannot let it go and ignore it. It can be the result of so many things ranging from your pancreas being inflamed to your gallbladder being clogged. Even if there are no other symptoms present. This pain that does not go away points to something serious.

You’re diabYou Have Diabetesetic

Type 2 Diabetes

If you are diabetic but you are all of a sudden having upper abdominal pain, then there is a good chance this is a silent heart attack. Nerves are damaged in diabetic patients and that is why upper abdominal pain would be the same as pain in the chest for those who are not diabetic. Either way, you need to go right to the ER.

The Pain Happens After Eating Or Drinking Alcohol

Unfinished wine pouring red wine

If you develop intense upper abdominal pain from drinking alcohol or eating, then this could be a sign of pancreatitis. This means your pancreas is inflamed and the pain can be so intense it would be too hard to handle. You need to get to the hospital as if it is untreated it can lead to disability or death.

Therefore, if you are experiencing upper abdominal pain no matter how mild or severe, don’t ignore it. It can be the result of a serious underlying issue that you are facing and you don’t want anything to be too late by ignoring it.

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