8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided

In general, drinking water is something that should never be looked at as a negative thing. The truth is, a large majority of people simply don’t drink enough water in their day to day, which is no good considering that the body is made of mostly water and needs replenishing.

don't drink water if is from a water hose

So if you don’t drink enough water as it is, understand that it’s better for you to start drinking more water than to use this article as a reason to continue going without it. However and surprisingly, there are some situations where drinking water should actually be avoided.

Let’s take a look at eight situations where drinking water should be avoided at all costs.

#1 – Right before bed

drinking water right before bed

For starters, drinking water right before bed results in interrupted sleep since you’ll more than likely have to wake up to urinate. Also, our kidneys actually work slower in the night compared to during the day. This may result in more facial swelling in the morning, which can be distasteful and potentially uncomfortable.

#2 – Before, during, or after eating

drink water Before, during, or after eating

While parents swear that their children should drink while eating to flush down food, did you know that drinking water right before, during, or directly after eating can be harmful? It can actually cause indigestion. This happens because our mouths produce saliva and enzymes which are supposed to break down food. When we drink water, it flushes these fluids down, taking away one of the important phases of the digestive process.

#3 – During an intense workout

drink water During an intense workout

Yes, it’s absolutely vital that you stay hydrated for your workouts. However, you should aim to drink water both before and after your workout––not during. When you drink water during your workouts, you can cause your body to cool down too quickly while your body is already at a higher temperature, which can cause electrolyte depletion.

#4 – To wash down spicy food

wash down spicy food drink water

The burning sensation that you feel when eating spicy foods is caused by a molecule called capsaicin, which is actually beneficial for you in many ways (including weight loss). However, it is a nonpolar molecule, and can only be dissolved by other nonpolar substances such as milk. Water, on the other hand, only helps the capsaicin spread throughout your mouth, making the situation worse.

#5 – If it’s ocean water

don't drink ocean water

Hopefully, you already know that drinking ocean water is not a good thing, but here’s the reason behind it. When you drink ocean water, there’s a huge chance that you may be ingesting some harmful viruses in the process. This, of course, leads to illness. Secondly, ocean water contains a high amount of salt, which can cause your body to be dehydrated.

#6 – When the water is from a water hose

don't drink water if is from a water hose

Your parents might have told you that they used to drink their water out of a water hose as children. Even if that was safe back in the day, it is absolutely not a good thing to try in today’s day and age. Regardless of whether the hose is connected to a clean water system, the pipes themselves may contain harmful substances, such as organotin (disrupts the endocrine system), antimony (linked to liver damage), and phthalates (lower intelligence).

#7 – When your urine is clear

Pus in the urine

When your urine is yellow, this means that you need to drink more water. Conversely, when your urine is clear, this means that you may actually be overhydrated. If you continue to drink more water, this could lead to low sodium levels, which may result in serious health concerns such as a heart attack.

#8 – When it has artificial sweeteners

artificial sweeteners water

While artificial sweeteners are supposed to be a way to reduce a drink’s sugar content and calories, they can actually make you feel more hungry. This, of course, is counterintuitive if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your shape.

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