Sleeping With A Fan On Might Be Bad For You And Here Is Why

Sleeping With A Fan On Might Be Bad For You And Here Is Why

Do you like sleeping with a fan? Who can blame you if you do? The cooling effect helps you sleep since you do sleep better in cooler environments. Additionally, the white noise coming from fans helps you fall asleep and stay asleep since it is comforting to your ears and makes you drowsy. Fans can also be a good air freshener by removing odors by circulating the air. However, even though these are enticing reasons to have a fan going in your room while you sleep, there are downsides you need to know about as well. There are several reasons why having a fan on at night in your room may not be in your best interest. Let’s go over those reasons now.

Fans Going In Your Bedroom Can Cause Congestion

Do you find yourself waking up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, and headache each morning? Do you feel like you are coming down with a cold that confuses you because you have not been in contact with anyone sick? Chances are you are not coming down with a cold and that the reason for these cold symptoms is because of sleeping with the fan going. The fan causes the air to circulate so therefore, it will dry out your throat, mouth, and nose which causes you to produce more mucus. Therefore, that is why you end up feeling congested.

Even though a fan going while you sleep will not cause you to become sick with a cold or flu, if you already have a cold or flu, you will feel even worse. That means the fan will amplify your symptoms. If you must have a fan going in your room because you cannot sleep without the white noise and the cooling effect, then ensure that you have a glass of water on your nightstand, and keep a humidifier in your room too.

Fans Can Aggravate Allergies

The thing about fans is that they can cause allergens in the air to circulate such as pollen and dust. Therefore, it is not a surprise that fans can worsen your allergies. The fan blades also collect dust. Therefore, when the fan is going, it is circulating dust throughout your room in the air. Therefore, you could also have hayfever symptoms such as an itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and you may have difficulty breathing. If you must have the fan going, then you will want to take a Benedryl or any nighttime antihistamine before going to bed.

Fans Can Cause Sore Muscles

When the air is circulating by the fan going, it can cause your muscles to begin cramping and tensing up. Therefore, that means each morning you will wake up having muscle pain. However, if you must have the fan going in your room at night because you cannot sleep without it, then you will want to not face the fan near you.

Dryness In Your Skin And Eyes

The circulating air can cause your eyes and skin to dry out which is another reason that it is not a good idea to sleep with a fan. However, once again, if you must sleep with the fan going, then make sure you have eye drops and skin moisturizer on hand.

Remember there are other ways to stay cool at night by investing in blackout curtains, opening your door during the day, and maybe investing in a cooling mattress. You can even sleep naked as that can provide a lot of relief too. Ensure that you maintain your air filters. You can also get a white noise machine or find a white noise app to use for your tablet. There are ways to work around having a fan as well, so keep that in mind.

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