Stop Lying! Honest People Are Healthier

To stay healthy, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, and – stop lying! In fact, one research has shown that sincere and honest people have better mental and physical health than those who lie every day.

Stop Lying! Honest People Are Healthier

Half of the respondents had the task to stop lying for ten weeks, while the other half were in the control group. When participants lied less in a certain period, they reported their physical and mental health to be significantly better. The “Sincere” group later noticed that they have no headaches and are less tensed and anxious than usual.

Studies have shown that people, on average, tell 11 lies per week. Lying causes a lot of stress among people.

Honesty is not only good for relationships, but it is also god for the individual.

After 10 week study, some participants found many smart ways to avoid the lie.

One of the researchers noted that some realized they could simply tell the truth rather than exaggerate, while others responded on “tickling questions,” with a new question with sincere aim not to hurt another person.

Even the smallest lies are problematic. The goal is to get rid of them entirely, or at least we can reduce them. Being honest is an absolute prerequisite for a healthy relationship.

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