Studies Show An Avocado A Day Can Keep Your Bad Cholesterol Lower

Do you wonder what the hype is about avocado on toast? This is a trend that many millennials give into, but perhaps they are onto something. That will show as they age. If they keep eating that avocado on toast, their bad cholesterol or LDL levels will never be at a concerning level. Of course, that all depends on the rest of their diet. If they eat fast food most of the time otherwise, then that will drive up their LDL. However, if they don’t, and eat relatively healthy while having an avocado a day, then they will have excellent LDL levels. The credit goes to them for eating avocado daily, and you should follow suit.

Eating An Avocado Daily Can Benefit You In Many Ways

Studies Show An Avocado A Day Can Keep Your Bad Cholesterol Lower

You know that diet is an essential part of health, and if you have a good quality varied diet, you are increasing your chances of having a good-quality life and health. Of course, genetics do play a role. However, the truth is that avocados are incredibly good for you. They contain healthy fats that are good for your heart, hormones, and brain. They also have excellent nutrients. Additionally, even though avocados are higher in calories, they are nutrient-dense calories and do not contribute to weight gain. If you eat an avocado daily, it will increase your diet quality as well.

In the Journal of the American Heart Association, a published study stated that eating an avocado daily benefits the participants. They studied a group of participants; one group ate an avocado daily, and another did not. It was found that those who ate an avocado daily had improved diet quality and lowered bad cholesterol levels. Hass Avocado Board was the one who funded the research studies.

What About The Nutritional Value of Avocados And Cholesterol?

You know that you can get cholesterol from food and your body also makes it. You may already know this, but your body creates two types of cholesterol: bad cholesterol, LDL for low-density lipoprotein, and good cholesterol, which is high-density lipoprotein or HDL. You want to ensure that you keep your LDL levels low and not above a certain point because you could be at risk for a stroke or cardiovascular disease if you do not monitor your LDL.

There is still a lot of research about what other factors can influence cholesterol levels and how you can change your diet to help maintain your cholesterol levels at a healthy range. You can keep educating yourself on how to keep up with a healthy diet so you can ensure that your cholesterol levels do not go past a certain point.

And one area of the study is how specific foods can impact your health. That is how it was found that avocados are good for you as they can not only keep your LDL levels at a reasonable level, but there are plenty of other essential fats and nutrients you need from the fruit. Avocados are an excellent source of fiber and contain vitamins C and K, which are essential for your health.

Avocados May Be High In Caloric Value But Do Not Contribute To Weight Gain

Even though avocados are anywhere from 200 to 300 calories, which depends on the size, they are not going to contribute to weight gain based on the studies. The researchers who monitored the participants who ate an avocado daily for six months monitored their weight, body circumference, and BMI and did not gain weight. That means the calories are used up by your body to function as they have very little carbohydrates. Therefore, you do not need to worry about avocados causing weight gain. That is as long as the rest of your diet is clean. You do not want to pass up too many benefits from avocados.

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