The 10 Most Common Signs Of Aging Skin (And How To Reverse Them!)

You know that your skin will age as you do and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Your skin’s elasticity is weaker with age due to the loss of collagen as the production slows down.

The 10 Most Common Signs Of Aging Skin (And How To Reverse Them!)

That is one example of how aging affects your skin. You can’t stop yourself from getting older, of course, but you can maintain the youthful look of your skin by utilizing some tactics. However, before getting into the tips, let’s go over the 10 most common signs of your skin that is aging:

#10 – Crow’s Feet

Crow's Feet skin wrinkle

The sides of your eyes that wrinkle up as you smile and squint and while doing that over and over again, those wrinkles at the corner of your eyes stick.

#9 – Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Crow’s feet are not the only signs of aging that involve your eyes. You will also have wrinkles in between your eyebrows as well as underneath the eyes. Those wrinkles, unfortunately, bring a lot of attention to your skin that is aging.

#8 – Age Spots

Age Spots skin

Those spots on your skin are also called liver spots and they are areas on your skin that are discolored. It is due to wear and tear of your skin over time which is natural. They are also referred to sunspots if the cause for those spots is due to constant exposure to the sun.

#7 – Laugh Lines

Laugh Lines skin wrinkle

Those lines and wrinkles that fold from the sides of your nose to your mouth corners diagonally are known as laugh lines. Those lines are not only the result of laughing. They are the result of constant facial expressions that have been done over time.

#6 – Eyelids That Are Droopy

Eyelids That Are Droopy

Because of the fact that your eyelids are made of skin that is naturally thin, over time, they will droop even more which is just another sign of aging skin.

#5 – Decollete Wrinkles

Decollete Wrinkles

The decollete is the skin area of your chest that is below the neck and above the breast bone and it is very thin. As a result, it is very easy for wrinkles to form while doing many activities or by sleeping due to the constant shifting around.

#4 – Frown Lines

Frown Lines

These vertical lines are wrinkles that are seen right between your eyebrows as well as your forehead. These wrinkles are not just caused by frowning as they are caused by doing any kind of expression of the face.

#3 – Wrinkles On The Forehead

Wrinkles On The Forehead

These are referred to as furrows or just simply forehead wrinkles as they just are another common result of aging.

#2 – Loose Skin On The Cheeks

Loose Skin On The Cheeks

As you know that the elasticity of your skin goes down with age as it was briefly discussed, you the skin starts to sag, especially around your jaw and cheeks. And when the skin sags around the jawline it is referred to as jowls.

#1 – Crepey Skin

Keep Your Skin Moisturized On A Regular Basis

This is skin that is dry and coarse and it is caused by the elasticity of the skin declining over time.

This in itself can make one dread the reality of aging. However, the good news is, there are ways to delay the causes of aging or it can be reversed. Let’s look at how to reverse the signs of aging now.

How Can The Effects Of Aging Be Reversed?

The bottom line is if you take excellent care of your skin and general health, you can reverse the signs of aging. The steps to take in order to do that are:

● Keep your time in the sun to a minimum as the exposure to the sun’s UV rays can be damaging
● Get plenty of sleep each night (at least 6 hours of good quality sleep but aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep)
● Try to sleep on your back to prevent your skin from folding
● Use satin sheets to keep your skin soft
● Be gentle with washing your skin and use moisturizing soaps or cleansers
● Pat dry your skin instead of rubbing
● Wash your skin with lukewarm water
● Take short showers
● Moisturize your skin in the morning and at night
● Exfoliate your skin once a week
● Eat healthy foods and keep the sugar to a minimum
● Quit smoking
● Keep the booze to a minimum
● Take a multivitamin

If you are consistent with taking these steps, you will keep your skin healthy and youthful for a long, long time!

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