The Best Way To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

The Best Way To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

We’ve all been there. When you get water in your ear, you’re not yourself — you hear all muffled, and you might even experience some pain. And sure, getting water in there is somewhat uncommon; after all, we take showers every day and go swimming now and then with no issue. But it happens.

So, how to get water out of your ear? Here are the safest and most effective ways. Tried and tested methods that will take care of even the most stubborn droplet. See if one of these works for you!

The Earlobe Method

This one is a fairly easy method to eliminate water in your ear, and although it doesn’t always work, it’s a great place to start.

Stand straight with your head up high and hold your ear lobe between your thumb and index finger. Now jiggle it a little in a circular motion. As the skin and cartilage stretch, you’ll effectively create a pathway for the water to slip out.

The towel method

You might have already thought of this one, but here it is. First, whatever you do, don’t stick the towel into the ear; that can make things worse — have you heard about ear infections?

Instead, lay down on the side, and dry the exterior of the ear with the towel, slowly moving it closer to the inner ear. Now lay down with the affected ear towards the bed and stay there for a few minutes. Make sure you press the ear into the towel. This might just do the trick.

The blow dryer method

This one is tricky, and don’t try it unless everything else fails. Set your blow drier to low and blow some air towards your ear at least from a distance of one foot.

The blow drier will eliminate the water in a few seconds. Please avoid getting burned and make sure you’re not blowing air too close to the ear, or you might cause irreparable damage.

Alcohol and Vinegar Drops

Did you know that if you combine equal parts of alcohol and white vinegar, you get ear drops that can eliminate mild infections and evaporate water stuck in your ear?

This all-natural method is effective — the vinegar dissolves earwax, and alcohol disinfects the area. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Of course, you might want to consult your doctor before trying this. The drops can be dangerous if you have a perforated eardrum.

Things to Avoid When You Have Water in Your Ear

Whatever you do, don’t try to clean your ears with a swap; those things are terrible for you, especially if you have an obstruction. If you have some kind of infection, the swap will spread it throughout the ear.

Don’t try to use your fingers either. First, they are too chubby to reach the problem. Besides, they’re often dirty and can make things worse.

When in doubt, talk to your doctor; sure, having water in your ear is often nothing to worry about, and it usually lasts a few minutes. Still, it can cause an infection, so take care of yourself!

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