The Dirty Secret About Your Underwear: Here’s How Long You Can Actually Keep Them

If you’re a regular underwear wearer, or if you wear the same old holey, comfortable pair of knickers you’ve had since you were a teen, we would like to hear from you. Because you are definitely not alone with that.

Several internet users have been surprised after learning how long they should hang onto their reliable favorites. Maybe they were more horrified about it.

The Dirty Secret About Your Underwear: Here's How Long You Can Actually Keep Them

There was a user on TikTok who sought to educate people about their underwear’s ‘expiration date’ by posting a video detailing when they should replace them.

It should be clarified that when we say ‘replaced,’ we mean that your old ones are thrown out and replaced by brand-new ones, not that your body is being replaced. However, you probably knew that anyway.

The Length Of How Long To Keep Your Underwear Will Surprise You

According to the video, underwear should be replaced every six to twelve months, a revelation that proved shocking to some. On TikTok, someone commented: “I keep mine until they rip or don’t fit,” while another wrote: “I’m in college and still have some from 7th grade.” “One of my oldest pairs is 16 years old,” wrote another.

It might seem like 16 years is a long time to wear underwear, but Dr. Chavone Momon-Nelson, an OB-GYN at UPMC in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, told TODAY they don’t have to be changed every six months.

As long as underwear is being washed, Momon-Nelson believes it is safe to continue to wear it. He explained: “If your underwear is washed in hot water, you are cleaning the bacteria off them.”

“The narrative about what they should and should not be comfortable with needs to be changed,” she said.

Having a nice new pair of underwear that fits well, is made of cotton, and is clean is nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone wants to buy new underwear, I would not discourage them from doing so. The old underwear should not be thrown away, but I would not recommend throwing it away.”

Despite Momon-Nelson’s right that there is no ‘rule’ when it comes to changing your underwear, other experts differ.

Shirin Lakhani, a cosmetic physician and specialist in intimate health noted that underwear could accumulate a great deal of dead skin, in addition to bacteria.

‘Even washing your underwear in a washing machine won’t always rid it of bacteria like E.coli,’ Lakhani told The Independent. In light of this, the specialist recommends replacing your underwear at least once a year, but more frequently if you regularly use the gym.

A crucial factor is not taken into account in these suggestions: the number of pairs of underwear each person owns.

Serial shoppers may have weeks’ worth of supplies before they run out, so they won’t need to replace them as often.

If, however, you find yourself turning pairs inside out and rinsing them under the tap just to make it to another day, then you need to go shopping. Despite how hard it might be, your crotch will surely appreciate the effort.

Look For Underwear Sales

It is understandable that you do not want to part from your cash at this time when the cost of living is so high worldwide. However, hygiene is hygiene, and that is why you do not want to be cheap. Therefore, the best thing to do is to look for underwear sales and stock up. You can find some excellent sales at Amazon, and Walmart also has some excellent sales often. You do not need the fanciest underwear. Just keep replacing them at reasonable time intervals. You will be glad you did that in the end!

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