There Is A Test That Tells You Whether Cats Are Psychopaths

There Is A Test That Tells You Whether Cats Are Psychopaths

Cats are strange and sometimes they can act downright crazy. It is a known fact that cats can be quite unpredictable in their behavior. You have to be a true cat lover to understand them, but even so, if that is you, you may be confused and scared by the behavior that they show occasionally. You have to sometimes wonder about their mental state, which may cause you to be concerned since they can appear unstable at times. You may even wonder if your cat could be a psychopath! And if you wonder that about your cat, you may not be off the mark. There is an online test that can determine whether or not your cat is an actual psychopath.

How Can You Find Out If Your Cat Is A Psychopath?

Here is the thing. Before getting into that, there was a study conducted by the University of Liverpool to create the test for cats when it comes to psychopathy. The test for humans has been adapted to cats, and in the study, over 2,000 participants wanted the researchers to assess their cats’ behavior. They did so overbroad categories and there is a questionnaire that you can access as well to see if your cat may be a psychopath.

Therefore, the test will assess the cat’s boldness levels, disobedience, or if your cat is mean which is also known as the triarchic model. That is used in the test for psychopathy in humans. There are also two additional categories added to the test which are the unfriendliness of a pet to other pets and to humans. That means that there is a test for lack of empathy as well as testing the level of manipulation. Therefore, once the results are calculated, then you will be able to see whether or not your cat is a psychopath.

After taking the test, owners can rate their results whether the results do not describe their cat, or describe them to a T. Some queries that people added was that their cats explore dangerous places, and do not seem to be aware of the danger. Also, they will note if their cats torture their prey before killing it immediately, and if the cat also purposely bothers their owners and other pets when resting. If their cats do not act guilty after misbehaving, that is also a sign. And another common addition by owners was how their cats dominate them. The higher the scores for those answers, the more likely it is that the cat is a psychopath.

What Do You Do If Your Cat Scores High On The Psychopathy Scale?

When you have this confirmation that your cat is a psychopath since you have wondered this all along, it is a disturbing reality to face. That means you are going to need to go and get therapy for it because your pet is supposed to bring you love and affection, and this cat is simply not capable of doing that. Another thing you can do is to put a bell on their collars so if they are moving around, you know where they are going so you can stop them from causing havoc.

You will also want to control their access. If you don’t have baby gates, invest in them and keep your cat away from the stairs. Especially if you have young children or other pets. You want to keep the cat away from them. However, if the cat keeps outsmarting you, then you may have to go to the last resort. You may have to give your cat up if you are unable to handle it. Someone out there will be able to deal with the cat!

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