These Are the Only 3 Body Parts You Need to Wash Every Day, Doctor Says

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started and lockdowns were implemented, many people decided to take a break from their personal hygiene as well since they had to take a break from going to social gatherings. And their attitude is that since they don’t need to go to social gatherings, then why bother washing up at all?

These Are the Only 3 Body Parts You Need to Wash Every Day

Then again, there are many people who have not changed their cleanliness habits either which means they go the other way. There are people that shower daily and that is because they just cannot stand feeling so dirty. However, showering daily, especially if you use soap is not recommended either.

The thing is, your skin has good bacteria in addition to bad bacteria. But the good bacteria help manage the bad bacteria which is you need those healthy microbes. Showering daily by using soap and water will disrupt that which can make you susceptible to superbugs which is the last thing you want. Yes, that is right, you could end up with infections that are not easy to fight off. That is why you do not want to wash your body with soap and water daily.

However, with that being said, there are three body parts that do need washing daily because they can become riddled with bad bacteria otherwise. How do you know if those areas of your body that require frequent washing are getting out of hand? They smell, and they smell terrible.

You may think that one of the body parts to wash daily are your hands. However, what if you don’t go anywhere and touch anything that could potentially be germy? There is no need to wash your hands then. However, you do go to the bathroom daily (as you would hope to anyway otherwise that is quite unhealthy) and in that case, you do need to wash your hands daily for that reason alone. Aside from that, your hands technically don’t need to be washed because if they are not in contact with anything that is full of viruses or bacteria, they will not become breeding grounds for it.

Therefore, your hands are not one of the three main body parts that require frequent washing as long as they don’t touch anything questionable. The three parts that need to be washed are:

  • Your armpits
  • Your groin
  • Your feet

The reason that those areas of your body require you to wash them daily is that they will breed bacteria easily. The environments under your armpits, on the soles of your feet, and in your groin are warm and moist which makes the perfect place for unhealthy and dangerous microbes to breed. That includes fungi and viruses.

Therefore, if you think that putting deodorant on your armpits is enough to clean them, you are wrong. All that deodorant does is mask odors, and it does not clean them otherwise. You need to literally wash your armpits, groin, and feet with soap and water daily to keep the bad bacteria and microbes managed and at bay.

Not only will offensive odors emit from those three areas of they are not washed, but you could end up with serious infections. It only takes once a day to wash those areas with soap and water.

For the rest of your body, you don’t want to wash with soap unless it is your hands after touching something. But if you want to feel clean, you can rinse your body with water and that is it. You don’t need lather up and you don’t want to lather up either. You need good microbes to create balance.

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