14 Things You Should Clean Every Day and How to Do It

You know that some parts of your home can get dirtier than others. However, there are things in your home that become the dirtiest based on the fact that they are used all of the time.

In order to practice the best hygiene tactics, you will want to know about the 14 things to clean daily as well as how to do it. This way, you will live in a clean environment.

Your Bed


When you are sleeping, you are shedding dead skin and attracting dust mites. You would not want to know how many dust mites are in your mattress and pillow. It is ideal to change your bedding daily but if you can’t, then you must once a week and wash your sheets and pillowcases as well.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

You are washing your pots and pans in your sink which leaves food debris and that turns into a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, that is one of the dirtiest places in your home. Clean it out by pouring vinegar and hot water into it as that will sanitize it.

Your Keyboard


You likely use your laptop daily. Therefore, the germs from your fingers and hands end up on your keyboard. This is how it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It needs to be cleaned daily. The best thing to do is to unplug the laptop and to turn it off. Take a cloth and dampen it with rubbing alcohol (don’t saturate it), and wipe the keys. Try not to allow it to get into the cracks between your keys. Allow it to dry, and then you can use it again.

Your Smartphone

Not Sterilizing Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is handled all of the time and is attracting bacteria and other germs from your hands. And you put your phone down on germy surfaces when you get to the checkout area to pay for your items. It is easy to clean. Take a cloth and dampen with rubbing alcohol to give your phone a wipe each day.

Your Water Bottle

Water bottles are worse than you thought

Your water bottle is a host to so many types of bacteria that if you don’t clean it out, you are guaranteed to become sick. At the end of the day, empty your water bottle and wash it with warm water with some mild soap and shake it around. Then empty it and rinse it well after. Do this daily.

Your Coffee Cup

The Coffee Pot At The Office Is Full Of Germs

You may just be rinsing your coffee cup after drinking it. But your coffee cup holds so much bacteria that a simple rinse will not remove it. You need to put hot water with dish soap, preferably antibacterial in it in order t clean it. Rinse it well after, and do this daily.


15 Clever Uses For Ordinary Kitchen Sponges

You use your sponges daily and you clean very dirty items such as countertops, dishes, pots, and bans which attracts dangerous microbes. You only spread germs around the house by doing this. It is easy to clean a sponge so don’t toss it out, Throw it into the dishwasher for a wash and dry cycle fully. Or you can throw it into the microwave. Saturate it with water and then put it on high for a minute or two.

Kitchen Towels

Your Hand Towels Are Dirty

Like your kitchen sponge, your towels are also full of germs. They are full of germs from you wiping your hands on them, even after washing them. The germs from other surfaces would have gotten onto the towels as well. Replace your towels at least once a week and throw them into a hot water cycle when you machine wash them.

Bath Towels

Washing Your Towels And Sheets Often

Your bath towels are full of bacteria and viruses as you continue to use them and as they attract it as well from being damp. This is why it is important to change your bath towels daily and to throw the dirty ones into the washing machine, and follow the directions on the tag of the towel for how to clean them based on its fabric.

Your Rings

Gets Rings Unstuck From Your Fingers

If you knew how much bacteria was lurking inside of your rings, you would be horrified. Every time you cook and go to the bathroom, you have dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli lurking side. What you need to do is take a bowl, fill it with warm water, mild dish soap (or you can use jewelry cleaner), and put your rings in there to clean it. Do this daily.

Purse And Wallet

Purse And Wallet cleaning

You would not even imagine how dirty your purse (or wallet) is. The purse is constantly on the floor picking up germs and dirt. You are constantly handling your wallet and your hands are full of germs. You will want to wash your hands after handling either as well as giving them a wipe down each day.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Your remote control is full of germs as you handle it all of the time when you are watching a television show. Some microbes that are passed onto the remote control from your hands can be dangerous. It is easy to clean. You can take a damp cloth with rubbing alcohol and clean the keys around it and the remote control itself. Take the batteries out as you are cleaning.

Your Shoes


There is a reason that you are told to take your shoes as soon as you come home and leave them on the mat by the door. Your shoes attract many germs, chemicals, and other pollutants from outside as you walk on the ground and in different buildings. If you walk in your home with your shoes on, you will bring those nasty germs to your home!



You and others in your home handle your doorknobs and they are a host of dangerous microbes that can cause anything from stomach bugs to pneumonia. However, they are easy to clean. Take an antibacterial wipe and wipe the doorknob, that will remove most of the dangerous microbes.

Now that you know about the 14 things you must clean each day as well as how to do it (all easy as pie), you now know what to do to stay healthy.

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