This Is The Germiest Thing To Touch At Airport

What Is The Germiest Thing To Touch At An Airport?

Airports have tightened strict rules during the pandemic and even before the pandemic, you could easily catch illnesses at airports during the busiest times. Traveling in the winter can be risky since so many people are looking to book their getaways for the colder months. There is nothing better than escaping the winter for a week or two to enjoy the warm weather and hanging out on the beach. Therefore, that is why travel is hot in the winter.

And even though the airports have tightened their methods to help minimize sickness by encouraging social distancing and having mask mandates, as well as having hand sanitizer available, there is one thing at the airport that is extremely germy. And even with the precautions that these airports are making to keep it safe, there is one item that will make it challenging to do. What is the germiest item at airports according to experts? The check-in kiosk.

Why Is The Check-In Kiosk The Germiest Thing At Airports?

Think about it. When you are going to the kiosk, you are having to enter your information by touching all of the buttons. Your fingers are full of germs that go beyond COVID-19 and you have even more bacteria on your fingers than viruses. Even though viruses don’t last for very long on surfaces, you still have plenty of bacteria and fungi on these kiosks. Not only are you touching the buttons or the surfaces if they have touch technology, but you are touching the sides of them too.

You cannot get around using the kiosk because you need to enter the information in it as you board the flight. You need to touch all of those keys when you need to retrieve your ticket, and you are leaving a lot of germs behind. Are the kiosks the only item at the airport that is germy? Let’s talk about that more.

The Kiosks Are Not The Only Germy Item At The Airport?

The kiosks may be the item at the airport that is known to host a lot of germs, but it is surely not the only one. When you go through the security checkpoints, the bins where you place your belongings have plenty of germs too because of the items they are holding. You are also touching those bins. However, the kiosks are still much worse when it comes to holding germs. However, there are precautions you can take to help prevent you from getting sick and even passing your germs onto others.

What Can You Do To Help Prevent Getting Sick From The Airport?

The best thing you can always do is sanitize your hands before and after you use the kiosk. You will want to sanitize your hands beforehand because you do not want to pass on the germs that you are carrying, and you definitely want to sanitize your hands after using the kiosk so you don’t kill the germs from the kiosk after touching it. That is one thing you can do.

Another thing to do is to eat somewhere at the airport away from others so you do not end up getting sick. You obviously want to wash your hands thoroughly before eating, but you also want to keep away from others when you do eat so you remain distanced.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is be mindful that there are plenty of germs around and carry plenty of hand sanitizer with you. And when you do plan to have a bite to eat, you will want to find the closest washroom to wash your hands with soap and do it thoroughly. That way, you will stay as safe as you can.

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