This Is Why You Should Sleep With A Clove Of Garlic Under Your Pillow

Suppose you’re worried a teenage vampire will attack you while you sleep. In that case, this article is for you, but also if you have trouble sleeping because this is not only folklore, but there might also be some scientific reasons why you might want to place garlic under your pillow.

This Is Why You Should Sleep With A Clove Of Garlic Under Your Pillow

Let’s start by saying garlic is super healthy and an authentic superfood that can lower blood sugar levels and reduce hypertension, that, of course, when you eat it. So why put garlic under your pillow? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Garlic, a Superfood


Garlic has numerous health benefits. It’s easy to see why it’s been used for thousands of years, both as food and medicine. Let’s start by saying garlic can boost your immune system and protect you from the common cold.

Garlic is also ideal for reducing blood pressure and keeping cholesterol levels low. This will reduce the risk of having heart disease.

The aromatic bulb is good for your brain too, and can stimulate your brain functions. Even protect you from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Garlic can do it all. Along with few other superfoods like ginger and olive oil, garlic is hands down the healthiest thing you can add to your diet.

Garlic can even boost your physical performance. So, how many of these health benefits could help you from under the pillow?

Can Garlic Help You Sleep?


Garlic’s benefits are better enjoyed when you eat the actual bulb. But placing it under your pillow might help you sleep better and rest well.

Garlic’s pungent aromas seem to have relaxing properties in our brains, sending the signal that it’s time to sleep.

It might be distracting at first and certainly not appropriate when you have sleepovers, but people swear by it as an effective way of sleeping fast and resting well.

Did you know 40 million people, only in the US, suffer from chronic sleeping problems? If garlic can help, let’s give it a chance.

How to Correctly Place Garlic Under Your Pillow

Now, you might want to take some measures to make use of this sleeping technique. You don’t want to place a whole garlic head under your pillow, but a single clove, nicely peeled and tucked inside a paper towel.

Garlic releases oils that can easily stain your sheets and could cause skin irritation, so you don’t want to crush your garlic clove. It’s also a good idea to try not to place your garlic clove in the same place every night to avoid stains.

You might want to change your garlic every night since it’s food, and it goes bad. Also, if you have pets be extra careful since garlic is toxic for both dogs and cats.

Finally, make sure you take a shower in the morning because you might get used to the smell, but we can’t say the same about your family.

If garlic is not for you, here are some alternatives

Lavender oil is one of the most widely used natural sleeping aids. Just a few drops of oil or some fresh springs under your pillow will enhance your sleep.

Cinnamon is also effective at inducing sleep, and you just need half a stick tucked under your pillow to enjoy its benefits.

Some people will also use oregano, rosemary, fennel or quartz rocks, so see what works for you.

To be completely honest, all the above might be more convenient than garlic, but you’ll be the judge of that.

There’s more

Garlic will keep bloodsucking mosquitoes at bay, so that’s another plus for the pungent bulb.

And garlic is not only beneficial for humans; if you strategically place some garlic around your plants, it will keep insects and pests away, so your plants will sleep well too.

Whether you chose to believe in this popular remedy or not, you must agree that there’s still much to learn about how food and plants interact with our bodies, so don’t rule out anything until you try it.

While you’re at it, share your garlicky sleepover experience with us and let us know how that works out. If garlic helps us sleep, even if it’s just slightly better, it might be worth trying. Don’t you think?

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