This Trick Can Strengthen Your Heart in Minutes, Says New Study

This Trick Can Strengthen Your Heart in Minutes, Says New Study

Without a solid and healthy heart, you have a hard time coming your way; that’s guaranteed. Our hearts pump blood through our bodies, and by doing so, they inject oxygen and nutrients into every muscle and tissue. The heart is the most vital organ in our body, which means you must take care of it in any way possible.

Sure, we all have different health goals and needs; we’re all different and are going through various stages of our lives. Still, it’s never too early or too late to start exercising your heart.

How to Exercise your Heart in Three Minutes?

Let’s start by saying three-minute workouts are not precisely effective. Still, recent scientific research showed that people being treated with high-resistance inspiratory muscle strength training or IMST improved their heart health considerably while lowering their blood pressure.

The exercise has to do with inhaling through a device that makes it hard to take air in. That makes your lungs work extra hard, and your heart starts pumping the little oxygen you’re actually breathing. Is this a miraculous way of keeping a healthy heart? Not really. How to exercise your heart then?

Easy Ways to Exercise your Heart

Unless you have access to an IMST gadget, which you probably don’t (because no one has), you’ll need another way of exercising your heart, even if it takes more than three minutes.

So, how to exercise the heart? Our ticker is a muscle, so you can tone it like any other muscle in your body. You do that by making it pump more blood harder and faster.

What you need is to exercise the rest of your body. Your muscles will demand more oxygen, and your heart will be forced to deliver it by pumping most blood in faster intervals.

Cardio All The Way

Aerobic exercise, such as walking at a fast pace, jogging, riding a bike, rowing or swimming, are excellent ways of keeping your heart busy. And you need not run a marathon; you can take it easy and increase your workout intensity over time.

Low impact exercises like swimming are especially ideal if you’re not in great shape or have overweight. And even climbing a flight of stairs can help if you’re in no shape at all.

The secret here is being consistent. Work out a few times a week and your heart will be robust in no time.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

Here are a few other critical benefits of practicing aerobic exercise, all as beneficial as exercising your heart.

  • You’ll burn calories, which means there’s a good chance you’ll lose some weight.
  • You’ll lower your blood pressure, particularly useful if you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension or have preexisting heart conditions.
  • You’ll reduce your levels of ‘bad’ low-density cholesterol while promoting the ‘good’ high-density cholesterol in your bloodstream.
  • You’ll have better overall health, from healthier skin to better sleeping habits. Working out really makes the difference! Even if it’s just a little.

Talk to Your Doctor!

If you’re still interested in the high-resistance IMST 3-minute workout, talk to your doctor. It might be more efficient than working out traditionally, but it’s not necessarily more fun than going out for a walk.

Either way, take care of your heart — take care of yourself! Together with eating healthily, exercising is the secret to a long, healthy life.

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