9 Tips for Using a Public Toilet During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lockdowns have eased and some people are starting to travel during the summer during the Coronavirus pandemic. And since road trips are being taken, obviously that means washroom breaks will be inevitable. And this is something that some people may have considered and others may not have considered.

From wearing a face mask to drying your hands, here’s exactly what to do to minimize the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

9 Tips for Using a Public Toilet During the COVID-19 Pandemic

However, if you are thinking of taking a road trip during the pandemic, you will need to know about what is involved with using a public toilet.

Here are 10 tips that you need to stay safe.

Do Your Research

Use the bathroom before you leave the house

Some states have not fully opened and this is why when you are going on a road trip, you need to find out which rest areas are open. Call around if you are not sure based on the area you are headed. The last thing you want to face is driving somewhere and not being able to go to the bathroom which means you’d have to use the bushes instead.

Download An App That Will Show You Where Public Washrooms Are

Wearing A Mask That You Wore Once Before

There are apps to download that will help detect where nearby public facilities are. Therefore, all you need to do is turn on your location services on your smartphone and use the app that way. This way you will know where the nearest facilities are based on the route you are traveling as well so you can prepare yourself for using it when needed.

Don’t Forget To Practice Social Distancing

Social distance when possible

Just in case you have to line up to use the washroom, stay 6 feet away from those in front of you and from those behind you. Keep your mask on as well.

Do Your Best To Not Touch Anything In The Washroom

Don’t touch surfaces (or anything)

Public washrooms are known to be extremely full of germs whether there is a pandemic or not. Therefore, you want to do what you can not to touch anything. Open the doors with your elbows if you can, and don’t forget to place toilet paper on the toilet before you go. Just do everything you can in your power to not touch anything.

Prepare To Take Extreme Measures

Close the toilet lid—if there is one

What happens if you stop at a restroom and the line is too long and you have to go to the washroom badly? What happens if the public washroom that the app noted was available that you stopped at in reality is not? This is why you will need to prepare yourself for the strong possibility of having to go to the bathroom in the bushes somewhere far away. Especially when children are involved. It is best to pack away a camping toilet, urinals for men and women, and potties, and other toilet supplies.

Carry Hand Sanitizer

13 Facts That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Hands

That is something you need to do during a pandemic anyway, but it is highly important for using public washrooms. Just in case you are unable to use soap and water in the washroom, you can use hand sanitizer instead. You want to do that anyway just in case you had inadvertently touched a germy surface without using a paper towel or toilet paper.

Bring Your Own Paper Towel

Dry your hands right

Firstly, you do not want to touch paper towel dispensers in the public washrooms. You also do not want to try with the air dryers since they blow germs around. While you have a bag of toilet paper of your own, throw in some paper towel after drying your hands.

Carry Disinfecting Wipes

Do your business and leave public toilets

For your peace of mind, before sitting on the toilet even though you are placing a cover on it, you can disinfect the toilet seat. Allow it to dry off naturally as it will take about a minute to do so before sitting on it. If you disinfect the toilet first and then place the cover, you are reducing the number of germs on there.

Bring Your Own Toilet Paper

Talk to building management restroom cleaning

Even though the virus does not stay on paper for very long, again, go back to the previous point of not touching anything. Only touch the things you own such as your own toilet paper. Bring it with you in a plastic bag and bring a few if necessary for your family. You don’t want to touch the toilet paper that is in the bathroom already.

Now you know what you do if you need to go to the bathroom while you are taking a road trip during the pandemic. Stay safe and enjoy your trip.

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