Top 10 Bizarre Traditions and Festivals around the World

Our planet is a house for many cultures, and each of them has its own unique tradition. In this post, I have tried to collect the top 10 bizarre traditions and festivals around the World. Some of the traditions are no longer held because of human or animal rights issues.

10 – Day of the Geese/ Antzar Eguna, Spain

The Day of the Geese is an old competition from Spain. This ritual is to test the eligibility and strength of young men in front of females. A greased goose is hung above the water; as their boats pass underneath, young men attempt to jump off, grab the goose and rip off the goose head barehanded. The one who outmatches other males will win the female adoration, and he could bring the headless goose back home. The competition can be found during San Antolin Festival in Lakeito.

In modern times, the goose is already killed off-site.

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