Top 10 Most Scary Insects In The World

Insects are small, they said. Most of them are not nearly as large as your middle finger, which can be squished in no time. But then, there are bugs, no matter how small they seemingly are, that will just make you cringe a little and hope it will never land on you. Sure, large predators are obviously scary, but these little bugs can chase you for a mile, poison you with their venom without you knowing, or can enter your skin and live inside you – yes inside you. All over the world, from Asia, to Africa, and to North and South America, these tiny creatures will give you goosebumps and will make you realize how tough nature can be. As you read through this list of Top 10 Most Scary Bugs in The World you will definitely not look at insects in the same way.

1 – Human Botfly

Found mostly in Central and South America, Botflies are one of the scariest and deadliest bugs in the world. There are a lot of types of these bugs, but your biggest fear would be Human Botfly. They do not sting you or chase you around, but worse, the larvae dig through your skin, live inside you, and eat there a way to survive there. These Botflies will either lay eggs on your skin or through mosquitos will definitely still land on you. The heat of your skin will hatch the egg, and the larvae will burrow through your skin. It will not kill you – most of the time – but you have to undergo an operation to remove the parasites slowly eating your insides.

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