Want to live to reach 100 years old?

Do you want to live a long life? Are you afraid of aging or even death? What prevents you from thinking about these sure things? Want to live to reach 100 years old? All of these are troubling questions that we will try to answer.

Want to live to reach 100 years old?

Living a long life has been a dream of many, but most people never wanted to get to that 3 digit mark – 100. Why? I conducted a little survey on what is their ideal age of mortality. 60 out of 100 people that I asked says they prefer 70 to 80 years old, 5 preferred 65 years of age, and 35 respondents want to live as long as they can endure the old life.

People have their own opinion on their age preferences. But if you notice from the past 30 years, the life expectancy of humans had declined from 85 years to 65 years old as of today. This figure also depends on the race; for example, the Japanese death average is 81 while 74 for Americans and 58 for Russians. Obviously, the cause of the decline is the life long environment problems, lifestyle, low food standards, together with the growing number of new diseases discovered each year.

One of the many reasons why people don’t want to live to be 100 is the fact that they don’t want to be a burden for their family. Old people think that they are not useful anymore. Plus, the difficulty of life, diseases, and illnesses that will inevitably surface when people aged. This kind of thinking puts fear to their hearts even at a young age, the fear of being old.

In contrast, if there is any opportunity, there are still who preferred to live a long life regardless of the consequences of today’s culture. If you notice, many individuals don’t want to get old, doing all necessary tools just to look young. Human beings should be sufficiently robust to last at your preferred age.

Medical experts suggest that to be able to reach 100, you must be physically active all the time, avoid being a couch potato, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and avoid junk foods.

Life, as precious as it can be, still has its limitations. Either you preferred to die young or not, you still have to practice good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. It is the best right thing to do in our existence. We should not waste our time with non-sense businesses that could damage our goal to live a happy life.

Numbers are not really that important. What is important is how you live your life on earth. Take care of your health and take care of your loved ones. Health is the only thing that can tell what your real fate in this world is. You have to prepare yourself, especially your health, for old age.

Now, do you want to live to be 100?

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