12 Ways Not To Get Sick From Other People

The COVID-19 epidemic is real, and most people are understandably frightened. Therefore, they are spending most of their time at home, and are minimizing the amount of time spent shopping for necessities.

12 Ways Not To Get Sick From Other People

However, there are some people out there who are not worried about this epidemic, and they are the ones who are going about their business. These are the people to be concerned about. And since you have to go and run errands sometimes, because you just have to – it makes you nervous who you could run into. This is why you will want to know about 12 ways to not get sick from others. Let’s discuss them now.

#12 – Take Your Vitamins

Your Daily Vitamin D
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During these times when you need to have a strong immune system such as now, you need to take your vitamins. Especially Vitamin C that helps keep your immune system strong and powerful. Set a reminder if you are afraid you will forget to take the dosage on any day.

#11 – Eat Plenty Of Yogurt

Eat Plenty Of Yogurt

Yogurt has probiotics that your body needs to stay strong. Especially Greek yogurt. The good bacteria in your gut will help you fight off germs and microbes by keeping your immune system strong. If you don’t like yogurt, you can always get a well-known brand of probiotic supplements.

#10 – Drink Plenty Of Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea has some excellent properties that actually help destroy viruses that enter your system. However, it won’t help once the virus takes over. This is why when you are still healthy, drink up that green tea. It can save you from potentially catching something dreadful such as what is going around right now.

#9 – Wear Rubber Gloves When You Are Out

Wear Gloves When You Are Out

If you have to go shopping at the grocery store or drug store, then you need to wear disposable rubber gloves. You will be touching items that others had potentially touched. The last thing you want is to catch anything. Additionally, door handles are full of germs and just for that alone, you need those gloves on. Before you go into your car, carefully take off the gloves without touching the fronts of it and throw them out.

#8 – Wash Your Hands

Scrubbing Your Hands For Less Than 20 Seconds

As soon as you come home from running an errand somewhere before you do anything, go right to the bathroom and wash your hands. And wash them well with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to give your hands a good scrubbing and rinse when you are done, and wipe them on a clean or paper towel.

#7 – Don’t Touch Your Face

Don't Touch Your Face

It is easy to forget yourself while you are out and you could have an itchy nose that needs to be scratched. You do not want to touch your face at all. If you have an itch then use your arm that is clothed to rub the area causing your discomfort. Keep your hands (or better yet, gloved hands as wearing gloves is important while you are out) away from your face until after you have scrubbed your hands at home.

#6 – Eat Plenty Of Salmon


In order to stay healthy, eat plenty of salmon or other fatty fish that contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Those help keep your immune system strong as they help increase the number of infection-fighting cells in your body. If you don’t like fish, or if you are allergic, then you can take supplements.

#5 – Take Ginger Supplements

Take Ginger Supplements

Ginger is a powerful spice, and it has properties that actually help to prevent viruses from attaching to cells in the respiratory tract. While this pandemic is going on, you will want to grab yourself some ginger supplements to take daily. That will help keep you protected. Ginger tea can help you as well.

#4 – Do Yoga And Meditation

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation are excellent for your mental and overall well-being. The better you feel mentally, the stronger you will be physically. Therefore, you will be doing your immune system a favor by practicing yoga and meditation daily. It helps with stress management.

#3 – Get The Right Amount Of Sleep A Night

7 Simple Tips & Tricks for Healthier and Better Sleep

Sleep is important and you need to get just enough of it to stay healthy. Getting too little or too much sleep can decrease your immune function, and that will end up causing you to become more susceptible to catching illnesses. Ideally, you should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. However, if you get at least 6 and no more than 9 hours of sleep, you can make due as well.

#2 – Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Smoking will decrease your immune system function. And you will have a higher chance of catching illnesses if you smoke. Work with your doctor to design a weaning program for you as quitting cold turkey can be stressful. That would also defeat the purpose.

#1 – Drink Hot Beverages

Drink Hot Beverages

Hot beverages can kill off viruses and bacteria before they enter your body and take over. This is why you will want to keep drinking hot tea or coffee often throughout the day to help you stay healthy. This means a beverage that is 165 degrees Fahrenheit will help keep you healthy, even if it is not green or ginger tea.

Now, you know what to do in order to stay safe and to keep yourself healthy when you are having to be in a place with other people. Stay healthy.

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