What do your Eyes say About Your Brain?

According to a psychological science report, your eyes have a lot to say about your brain. Eyes can reveal how healthy is your brain.

Report author, Idan Shalev, Ph.D., says that they have found a real connection between veins and a human being’s IQ level. He states that he took an IQ test of middle-aged people and checked the wideness of their veins. The study showed that the people having wider veins scored less in IQ test. So, there is no need to blame other factors like physical illness, diabetes, socioeconomic status and smoking for the lesser scores.

In addition, Idan says that your eyes might be a window to your brain. Your eye vessels are the same as of the brain in terms of size, functionality, and structure. Moreover, the type of cells in the brain vessels and eye vessels is the same.

According to an older theory, blood vessels in an eye are considered to be linked with many diseases like cardiovascular disease, strokes or dementia. Idan says that eyes health indicates brain health in children.

A study published in March 2012 states that mild vascular disease can damage your retina in an eye. This retina damage can harm your brain. It could be a reason for creating problems in memory and thinking skills. This damage is usually of small impact. Mary Haan from the University of California says that eyes and brain are interconnected. When you see a problem with small blood vessels in the eye, there is a possibility that there might be some issue with your brain’s tiny blood vessels and it could developmental issues.

Interesting and helpful?

You can check your brain’s health by yourself. Retinal imaging can reveal your brain’s health to you. Perhaps, it could be the easiest way to check it by yourself without asking a doctor about it. Idan believes that you can keep a track check to yourself for many diseases like cardiovascular disease. If you want to get a hint to coming brain issues, you should adopt a habit of comparing images. It could definitely help in identifying ID changes. ID changes in midlife could hint towards brain problems. Idan says that, if you have such diseases in your family, you should not ignore changes, because once they are unnoticed, you could put yourself in danger.

Consider your eye vessels a marker of your brain health. Do not put yourself in danger and try to read the symptoms yourself. If you find any change, discuss it with a qualified eye specialist. Add Omega 3 in your diet. It will provide support to your vision. You can add fish oil or krill oil to your diet as it contains Astaxanthin and DHA that can support your vision. Adding this to your diet means you are protecting your eyes as well as your brain.

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