What Habits Are You Doing That Are Damaging Your Veins? Let’s Talk About That

10 Vein-Damaging Habits That You Are Doing Every Day

You know of the term varicose veins, which are the lumpy and swollen veins that you often see on your thighs or legs. Even though they are not sightly, they are not dangerous by any means. You cannot always prevent these veins from showing up. However, there are things you are doing that are causing these veins to show up and bulge.

Let’s talk about the habits you have that are increasing your chances of damaging your veins. And some of these habits cannot be helped, but you can be mindful of them and make some changes.

The Way You Shave Your Legs Can Have An Impact

The Way You Shave Your Legs Can Have An Impact

Women in the Western culture need to shave their legs, however, the way it is done can be a contributor to those bulgy veins. If you cut your leg as you shave, it can cause bleeding and that increases the chance of swollen veins. If you shave in the shower, the bleeding worsens too. The best thing to do is to use a shaver geared towards dry skin which will minimize cuts.

You Don’t Exfoliate Your Legs

Exfoliation will not necessarily prevent varicose veins, but it can help to stimulate blood flow which reduces your chances of your veins stagnating. When your blood circulates better, it will also help to increase the production of collagen and that only helps you keep your legs smoother.

Don’t Use A Dry Brush

If you are seeing beauty influencers and bloggers using dry brushes, then you do not want to follow their lead. It may be beneficial in some ways cosmetically but the issue is that these brushes can cause small cuts because the bristles are very hard. Therefore, it can cause bleeding as well as infection and can contribute to the chances of the development of varicose veins.

You Run A Lot

walking boosts heart health

You may find this one counterintuitive because running helps you stay in shape, and you would think that it could decrease your chances of varicose veins since being overweight can. However, when you run, your blood volume increases and that can cause damage to your veins making circulation difficult.

Your Diet Has Something To Do With It

If you consume too much sugar, then you will end up causing your blood pressure to increase. An increase in blood pressure can cause your veins to weaken and become damaged. Therefore, that means when your blood pressure is higher, pumping blood is harder and your veins will dilate often and eventually bulge. Therefore, you will want to limit your sugar intake to lower the chances of this.

You Wear Tight-Fitting Clothes

If you are wearing tight-fitting clothes and belts, that can challenge your circulation and can also disrupt your blood flow. That as you know will increase the chances of you ending up with varicose veins. Even though tight-fitting clothes may look good, you will want to opt for loose-fitting clothes to allow your veins to function properly.

You Are A Back Sleeper

If you are sleeping on your back often, then you will end up putting pressure on your veins which can increase your chances of developing varicose veins. The ideal sleeping position is sleeping on your left side because it allows your blood to flow better. You may want to try changing sleeping positions if you are a back sleeper.

You Are Overweight

Obese people always have a high cholesterol level.

Being overweight is difficult and so is being fit, but this is a choice where you need to choose your ‘hard’. The extra weight will not only increase your blood pressure but will also put more pressure on your veins. If you can get to optimal weight, then you will be able to lower your chances of developing varicose veins.

Those habits can change and if you can do that, then you will decrease your chances of ruining your veins. It will take time and practice and work to make those changes, but your veins will thank you when you do.

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