What Is Something You Should Never Say To Someone Who Is Retiring?

Retirement is a big milestone for so many people as some retire so they can finally relax and travel. However, there are others who retire and they may not be able to do those dreamy things because they don’t have the funds and as a result, that is a time for some soul searching. And others also retire because they are forced to do so in circumstances that are far from ideal. Either way, when you want to acknowledge that someone is retiring, there is some proper etiquette to be mindful of and you do not want to say the wrong thing! Now, let’s talk about what not to say to someone who is retiring.

What Is Something You Should Never Say To Someone Who Is Retiring?

Don’t Provide Any Advice For Those Who Are About To Retire

You may mean well if you are retired and you want to give advice to those who are retiring. However, you have to remember that retirement is extremely personal and your advice may not have a place in what the retiree wants to do with their time. If you are retired, you would know that as well. You may tell them where to put their money if they want to begin traveling, but what if the retiree cannot travel? What if the retiree has to quit their jobs for good because they have to be a caregiver for their spouse or adult child with special needs? Talking about travel in those cases would not be appropriate.

Never Bring Mortality Into It

Never say things to someone who is about to retire that they should make the most of their final years. Retirees know that they are reaching the final stage of their lives and they do not need anyone to remind them of that grim but realistic fact. And if you know someone who retired and died within six months, do not tell the retiree that at all. Keep mortality out of it because that is far from appropriate.

Now you know what not to tell those who are going to retire. But what are things that you can say to those who are finishing up their work? There are certain things that are recommended and appropriate to say to those who are reaching this milestone. Let’s go over some of them now.

You Can Ask Them About How They Plan To Spend Their Time

It is appropriate to ask the retiree how they plan to spend their time. Perhaps they want to start getting into hobbies or take some classes. And once they tell you those things, you can elaborate on the things that they plan to do. For instance, if they plan to take up yoga, you can tell them of some good yoga classes around the area that they may want to check. While it is never appropriate to give advice, it is completely appropriate to ask about retirement plans. And if someone is retiring because they have to be a caregiver, remind them how important self-care is because burnout is dangerous and real.

Keep The Conversation About Retirement Positive And Upbeat

The retiree may be nervous and excited about reaching this milestone, or perhaps upset if they are forced to retire because they have no choice. However, however the conversation goes, keep it positive and upbeat. If you have retired yourself, you will want to focus on talking about the positive aspects of retirement even if there are some downsides to it as well. You definitely want to be encouraging.

Retirement is a huge milestone, and there are many complex feelings that those who are reaching it will have. That is why you want to ensure that the etiquette you use is positive and upbeat.

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