Why Baby Carrots Are Killing You

Why Baby Carrots Are Killing You

When you go to the grocery store and know you need to have your vegetables, you will want to only eat the ones that are the most convenient which means you will grab bagged salads as well as bagged baby carrots. You know that carrots are good for you and are full of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A or beta-carotene which helps your eyesight among other things. You know that carrots have plenty of antioxidants which means they will help you heal from the effects of free radicals. Why bother going through having to peel the large ones when you can take some baby carrots and wash them, and place them in the salad bowl? There is no difference between the two, right? Wrong! That is correct, as you heard the proper response to that which was.. wrong!

Baby Carrots Cannot Be Compared To Their Large Counterparts

When you look at baby carrots compared to their large counterparts, you know that there is a significant difference. The large carrots appear as if they were grabbed right from the ground. They look like genuine roots. They are genuine roots, and there is nothing artificial about them. Can you say the same about baby carrots? You are going to say no because you cannot compare rugged root vegetables to their nubby smooth counterparts. Now we are getting somewhere.

You also notice that there is another significant difference. Natural carrots are somewhat sweet as they are high-carb vegetables. They sweeten up more as well after these natural carrots are boiled. However, baby carrots seem unnaturally sweet. Therefore, you already know that baby carrots have more sugar than natural carrots. You are probably finding the answer as to why baby carrots cannot be compared to their large counterparts. Let’s now blurt that reason out.

Baby Carrots Are Processed And Are Not Natural At All

There are very small natural carrots that you may find in the grocery store. They are not as nutritious as their grown counterparts, but natural baby carrots are still natural. Those are not the same as the baby carrots that you find in bags. The baby carrots that you grab and eat as snacks and also toss into stews and soups are heavily processed. They go from natural carrots cut up to the point of appearing like baby carrots that end up with plenty of unnatural preservatives and sugar added to them. That is why these baby carrots have a long shelf life. You will also be horrified to know that baby carrots in addition to the processing they go through get a chlorine shower to clean them off. Would you want to be eating that?

That means when you are eating baby carrots and think you are enjoying a healthy snack, you really are not. You are putting more unnatural preservatives into your body that can increase your chances of developing cancer as well as hormonal problems. You will also see the same situation happening with other processed vegetables and fruits.

What Is The Solution To This Problem?

The easiest thing to do is to no longer buy baby carrots. You are much better off with getting natural carrots, and even getting the small carrots if you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen chopping. Yes, you will need to take the time to peel them. However, you will be doing your overall health a big favor if you stop eating baby carrots. They are not true vegetables. They are a processed science experiment that you do not want entering your body under any condition whatsoever. It is worth the extra time and effort.

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