Why it’s better to drink warm water, not cold, what are the benefits?

Why is it better to drink warm water and not cold? It is essential to hydrate yourself because the human body contains 75% of water, and the deprivation of this vital fluid creates problems and imbalances in the body. However, it is equally important how we hydrate.

It has been scientifically proven that it is not good to consume hot drinks (tea, broth, soup), as the risk of esophageal cancer increases significantly. Also, drinking icy water is not indicated. Still, for another reason than the myth that we get sore throat: it prevents the immune system from functioning at full capacity, leads to the contraction of blood vessels (thus the blood flow will decrease), and impairs food digestion.

Why it's better to drink warm water, not cold.

According to the researchers, the healthiest is lukewarm water.

Here are five reason why it’s better to drink warm water, not cold:

  • it is much more efficient than cold water in quenching the thirst sensation (just like the hot shower made in summer, which cools better than one with cold water);
  • stimulates digestion. If you drink hot water shortly after meals, it speeds up the decomposition and assimilation of ingested foods. Unlike cold water, which strengthens the food bowl, makes it more difficult to digest and promotes fat storage;
  • it gets rid of our abdominal cramps, by increasing the blood flow (the warm water dilates the blood vessels, as opposed to the cold one) and the relaxation of the muscles;
  • it delays the aging process, not only by efficiently moisturizing the tissues, thus preserving its elasticity but especially by helping the elimination of toxins from the body;
  • lowers stress level because it acts directly on the central nervous system.

If you find it difficult to drink warm water, try alternating – take a glass of water and a glass of milk next to you, both at the same temperature and drink in turns from them.

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