Don’t Become a Statistic: Five Genius Hacks to Outsmart Burglars and Keep Your Home Secure

Don't Become a Statistic: Five Genius Hacks to Outsmart Burglars and Keep Your Home Secure

Burglars are a big problem, especially in warmer weather, but you may think that estate homes and expensive cars will likely increase the chances of burglary. However, that is untrue, as anyone can fall victim to burglary. You don’t want to be naive and believe that you are immune just because you live in a cheap townhome and an everyday type of car that is not luxurious. You can still fall victim to it, and there are things that you need to know about how to prevent burglaries from happening.

Don’t Only Lock Your Doors, As You Will Want To Lock Your Windows Too

You may know that locking your doors is something you must do daily and night so that burglars don’t come in. However, you may not realize that locking your windows is something you must do, and you may not take the idea of doing that all that seriously because you may not even consider that burglars would waste their time breaking into your home through a window, especially windows on the second floor. However, they do. All they need is a ladder so they can head up to the second floor and open your window, and the burglar is in your home.

Keep Boxes Of Expensive Items Out Of Sight

You do not want boxes of expensive items, such as new televisions, outside on your property where potential burglars could be looking, or else they will see your home is a target of their burglary. They will want to grab your expensive items, so what you will want to do is cut up the box and put it in your recycling box inside until the collectors take the box. Do not keep it outside at all and when you put the box out for collection, ensure that everything is cut up, so the box is not noticeable.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Yes, sometimes you can have disagreements with neighbors because of a dog that barks all of the time, or you may have let your property get messy while you are away. However, it is essential that you at least develop some friendly rapport with your neighbors, even if you never become good friends. That way, they have your back, and you will have theirs. If they see that your house is being targeted while you are not home, the neighbor will be the one to call the police on your behalf. I would also say vice versa.

Keep Your Valuables In A Safe

If you are not keeping your valuables in a safe, then you are taking a big risk that burglars will grab your valuables. And the best thing to do is to take pictures of your valuables as well, such as jewelry, in case you need to show them to your home insurance adjustor in case something happens. Do not leave your valuables anywhere easily accessible, as burglars will be looking for them immediately.

Always Have A Secure Home

You will need to invest in a security alarm and keep the siren at short intervals, as the security alarm sticker is a deterrent. You may invest in a camera, too, so that you do not end up not having proof if anyone attempts to break into your home. However, security alarms are only sometimes that expensive as you can get a decent one without paying an arm and a leg for it. So you will want to consider an alarm system with a camera strongly.

You will also need it when you are on vacation, and always put your security system on when you are away, as that will immediately catch the burglars in action.

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