Make sure You Always Have Crayons in Your Wallet – Here’s Why!

Make sure You Always Have Crayons in Your Wallet - Here's Why!

Have you ever considered putting a crayon in your wallet? There may be positive things and negative things associated with doing that. However, why not give it a try? Especially if you are in a situation where you don’t want to spend money or do business with someone, or you are going to a restaurant with your kids that may not have crayons for them to use. This article may be satirical, but it can be useful as well if you would like to. An author on Medium, Mark McMillion has a few things to say about it. This is what he says about putting a crayon in the wallet:

They Disrupt Electromagnetic Properties

Any remote scanning of crayons is impossible due to their electromagnetic properties. It cannot be determined what color it is, what the color’s name is written on the paper label or anything else you plan to write on it. It’s brilliant.

They Melt, And It Could Be Good If You Have A Spending Problem

In the summer, keep a crayon next to your credit card, and you will save money. If the crayon melts and smears on the card over time, you won’t be able to use it. You can’t use your credit card? It can’t be used to make purchases! Another genius idea! However, in an all-serious matter, it is not a wise idea to put a crayon in your wallet during the summer.

They Will Ruin Your Impression, But That Would Be Good If You Were With Someone Who You Did Not Like

You’ll make a real impression when you pull out your wallet to pay for lunch, and a crayon falls out. It’ll make them wonder who would keep a crayon in their wallet. This is a powerful force that is nearly impossible to overcome. It left a strong impression. It may not be a good idea to do business with you, but they’ll keep in mind your name! So if you don’t want to do business with someone who you don’t like, this is a good way to make that happen.

It Will Keep Your Wallet Straight

Your credit cards will remain structurally intact, as your wallet won’t bend too much. As long as you don’t sit on it. It does not matter if you leave it on your dresser with a crayon in it, it won’t damage any. It may feel strange in your back pocket when you sit as you may hear a soft snap, so it will be a short-lived effect.

They Will Keep Your Kids Happy

When you take your kids to a crap restaurant that doesn’t offer crayons or a write-on menu, you can fish out a few pieces for them. In this case, the kids won’t have to witness their parents brutally snapping a crayon because it is already broken. So there you go, it will keep your kids happy.

You May Want To Color

The next time the urge strikes you to color something, anything, you will be ready. Because you never know if you are bored waiting somewhere, and you have a pad of paper with you, and it is time to start doodling.

They’ll Stop Pickpocketers From Doing Their Job

When a not-very-smart pickpocket steals your wallet, imagine his surprise! It will be enough for them to be found guilty by their expression alone. You may want to keep a crayon in your pocket if you are out traveling to a different country or you are in a big city.

Now you know what will happen if you keep a crayon in your wallet!

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