Men’s Beards, Are they Clean or Filthy?

Men’s Beards, Are they Clean or Filthy?

Beards are in vogue, and it’s easy to see why. For many, shaving every day is just another way of keeping people under the strict rules of society. Besides, every man looks good with a beard, as long as it’s not just sitting there unattended.

The question here is, are beards hygienic? After all, they’re right in your face — could your beard cause you more harm than good? A recent study shows that men’s beards can be as dirty as dogs’ fur. Here’s what you need to know about it, including how to make sure your beard is not a health threat.

Microorganisms in men’s beards

Dogs are not the cleanest of animals, and their furs host a whole lot of microorganisms. Well, it turns out men’s beards have almost as many organisms. According to the Zurich study, scientists swapped 30 dogs and 18 men’s beards and found nearly all bears had the same amounts of microorganisms as dogs.

So, what is it? Are dogs as clean as men, or as men as filthy as dogs? That’s up to you. What’s undeniable is that are many microscopic inhabitants in a beard. Although they’re not necessarily a health threat, people not particularly fond of bacteria might want to shave their beards.

How to keep your beard clean?

A trimmed beard is a clean beard, and that’s just the beginning. When beards have no shape, they’re not esthetic, and there’s a bigger chance they host too many microbes. Still, your lifestyle and environment play a role in how dirty your beard is.

If you take showers every day and change your clothes and bedsheets often, the chance of having an overly dirty beard is slim. Wash your face, including your beard, every time you take a shower, and although there’s no need to use special grooming products, go ahead if that’s your thing.

Should you use beard shampoos and beard oil?

Not all beards are the same, and we all like ours differently. Having said that, if you want a soft and smooth beard, there are many products out there, all pretty efficient and harmless. If you want to avoid using these products, do so. There’s no harm in that either. What matters is hygiene, the looks, not that much.

You might also want to shave your beard from time to time — we know you look weird, especially after wearing a beard for a long time, but it’s healthy for your skin. It will grow back, trust us.

The Bottom Line: Are Beards Dirty?

Beards are as dirty as any other part of your body; they shouldn’t be all that dirty with good hygiene habits. If you have poor hygiene, then your beard is the least of your problems.

Stay clean and take care of yourself. Beards are cool, but neat-looking beards are even better, and that also goes for clean facial hair. Don’t ditch your beard; just take care of it. And remember, nothing should last forever; changing your appearance from time to time is healthy. When was the last time you saw your face?

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