You Can Make Unsightly Scars Less Visible

You Can Make Unsightly Scars Less Visible

One of the worst things when it comes to your appearance is having those scars that you have so visible that others cannot stop staring at them. That is quite embarrassing, but just know that you are not alone in that struggle. Additionally, there is some good news regarding that. Even though you cannot make the scars go away unless you have invasive procedures, you can find methods to help minimize the sight of unsightly scars. That way you do not need to feel embarrassed about having them. Let’s talk about how you can keep the appearance of scars as hidden as you possibly can.

OTC Creams And Gels

You can find OTC creams and gels that can help to minimize the appearance of scars on your skin. The best creams that you can use for that are corticosteroid creams, and you can ask the pharmacist or dermatologist about the best creams to hide those pesky scars that you do not want anyone at all to see. Those creams can also help further healing of scars. But the problem is, once again, scars will never completely disappear. There are minor surgical procedures that you can have if you really do dislike having your scars, but they have their own risks and they are expensive.

Try Using A Silicone Gel

If you use a silicone gel, you will find that it will dry quickly and will not bother sensitive skin. Additionally, it keeps your skin hydrated and will also help scars soften somewhat. These gels will also help reduce the scar’s appearance as well as texture and color. You will want to ensure that the gel dries on the scar well before putting any clothing on it. But it is safe to use silicone gel, and you will need to follow the instructions listed on the packaging of the frequency to use it.

Have A Scar Massage

Have you had a scar massage after a wound is healed? You can massage the scar yourself as it can help break up the collagen underneath the tissue. Some scars will develop strands or cords underneath the skin, and that is when you may want to ensure that you have a scar massage. Your doctor may recommend you do it and provide you with instructions on how to do that. You can also have a family member give it to you if the scar is on your back where it would be too challenging for you to give a massage yourself. That is an idea.

Try Zinc Supplements

One of the best things for helping to decrease the appearance of scars is taking zinc supplements. Zinc not only helps tissues repair themselves and as a result, but wounds also heal. That is because zinc will not only reduce inflammation but will help tissues and cells regenerate. Don’t take anything more than the recommended daily dose of zinc. That is because you may end up experiencing diarrhea and bloating, which will be very unpleasant. You will want to ensure you know the best dose of zinc to take as you can ask your doctor for that opinion.

The Last Resort Is To Have A Procedure To Remove Scars

If you are extremely self-conscious about your scars, even if you can reduce their appearance of them, then as a last resort, you can have procedures to remove the scars. You can take injections of Botox to help make scars less visible, as that is the least invasive procedure to have. However, with those injections, there will be side effects that involve skin thinning and color changing. There are other more invasive procedures that can help remove scars, but as mentioned, that is only a last resort. Try the other methods recommended first.

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