Fun & Interesting Facts About Arizona

Arizona is located in the southeastern part of the country. Chronologically, it is the 48th state to be included in the United States of America. In terms of land area size, Arizona is the 6th largest state in America, having an area of about 113,998 square miles. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix, which is also the largest city in the state.

Interesting Facts

The Grand Canyon State

Arizona is known as the “Grand Canyon State” because the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the deepest and most famous canyons in the world is located in Arizona (see facts about the Grand Canyon). It is one of the top tourist destinations in Arizona as well as the whole country. Arizona is also known as the “Copper State” because of its copper industry. It is, in fact, the state that produces the most copper in the USA.

About Arizona

As of 2019, Arizona has a total population of 7.2 million, making it the 16th most populous state in America. The official flower of the state is the Saguaro Cactus Blossom and the official tree is Palo Verde. The state of Arizona also has official neckwear, which is the Bola Tie and an official state gemstone, Turquoise. The official color of the state is both blue and gold.

Neat facts

The fountain of Fountain Hills in Arizona is considered as one of the tallest man-made fountains in the world. The highest mountain of the state is Mount Humphreys, which is about 12,643 feet high. The Kitts Peak National Observatory in the city of Sells located in Arizona has the largest solar telescope in the world.

Fun Facts

  1. Arizona attained statehood on 14th February which coincides with Valentine’s Day.
  2. Arizona (except the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii do not observe Daylight Saving Time.
  3. Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff on February 18, 1930.
  4. Cutting down a cactus in Arizona is a punishable offense and the maximum term in jail for the act could be 25 years.
  5. Phoenix, Arizona is the hottest city in the U.S.

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