Why Shouldn’t You Sleep With A Room Heater On In Your Room?

Why Shouldn’t You Sleep With A Room Heater On In Your Room?

When the weather gets colder, the one thing you want to do is to put the heater on so you can get cozy and enjoy the warmth. There is nothing wrong with having the heater on when you need to get warm and having it on for a few hours as you attempt to get cozy while working or watching TV. However, you do not want to keep it on for that long, and as long as you keep the doors and windows sealed, your home will retain the heat. The furnace will also run and warm up the rooms.

The one time you never want to have the heater on is if it is running all night while you sleep. Is there a chance the heater could catch on fire? There is always a chance of that happening if the heater is old and the wiring is questionable. However, that is not the reason that you do not want to keep the heater on while you are sleeping.

If you keep the heater on, not only will you end up waking up with dry skin and allergies – and that will be the least of why you should not keep it running as you sleep. Is it because you could end up having those nights of poor quality sleep? Yes, that is another reason you do not want to keep it running at night. The biggest reason you do not want to sleep with the heater on is that it can be fatal!

Yes, The Heater On While You Are Asleep Can Be Fatal

How can keeping the heater on at night as you sleep potentially be fatal? That is because it can emit high levels of carbon monoxide, and high levels of that toxic gas can be fatal to anyone. However, those who are asthmatic, have heart disease, and are smokers as well as children and the elderly are at an increased risk of dying from carbon monoxide poisoning than an average healthy teenager or adult. However, it can still be deadly to anyone.

If you end up with carbon monoxide poisoning, it can prevent blood from going to the brain which will cause hemorrhage and even death. Or at the very least, permanent brain damage. It is just a very bad idea to have a heater on at night.

Is It Possible To Have The Heater Set At Lower Levels For Healthy People At Night?

Doctors do not recommend anyone use a heater, but if you cannot sleep without a heater on, and if you are healthy and are not at risk for being prone to carbon monoxide poisoning – there are some things you can do to lessen the risk. You do not want to keep it at high levels, but lower levels may be safer as it would emit less carbon monoxide which would not have an impact on healthy individuals.

However, any extra heat will lead to skin irritation, allergies, and even pink eye. The reason for that is the heater will strip away moisture. You need moisture in the room. Therefore, if you must sleep with a heater on, make sure that you put a cup of water near the heater so it can help keep the moisture in the room. You also want to make sure that you keep inflammable items away from the heater, and keep it away from furniture and blankets. And never leave the heater on if you are not around or else it can emit carbon monoxide. If you feel like you have carbon monoxide in the room and you are affected, you may experience dizziness, nausea, fainting, weakness, a headache, and abdominal pain. You will want to discontinue its use and go to the ER after.

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