10 Ways You Never Knew You Were Using The Toilet Wrong

When you use the toilet, you don’t really think about how you are using it. You don’t even consider if you are using it properly. You just need to go and that is all you care about. And that is natural that you do. But, perhaps you need to consider a few things before and while you are using the bathroom.

You will want to consider what you could be doing wrong when using the toilet. Let’s go over those 10 things right now.

#10 – Sitting On The Toilet Too Long

Sitting On The Toilet Too Long

You may think nothing of it when you are doing your business while reading a magazine or looking at your phone. However, when you are sitting for 20 minutes on the throne in a perched position, that puts so much strain on the veins in your lower rectum. This is what causes hemorrhoids most of the time which are extremely painful. Be mindful of how long you are sitting on the toilet.

#9 – You Are Pushing Way Too Hard

You Are Pushing Way Too Hard

If you are pushing and straining too hard, you are also risking your chances of ending up with anal fissures which can be extremely painful. The best thing to do is to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of fiber so you don’t end up having to push too hard which is a sign of constipation. Going regularly can help fix that problem right there.

#8 – You Don’t Take A Peek At #2

You Don't Take A Peek At #2

That is gross having to look at your poop, but you really do need to. The color of it and consistency of it will tell you a lot about your health. If it is pale and has a clay-like appearance, then this could be a sign of liver trouble. One time, not so much, it could be a result of what you had eaten. But if it happens regularly then you will want to go to the doctor. Especially if you are feeling malaised. If your poop is black, it could be a sign of internal bleeding.

#7 – You Don’t Think Of It If Your Urine Smells Bad

Your Urine is Deep Yellow

After eating asparagus, garlic, or onions, your pee will smell due to the sulfur compounds in those foods. That is normal. However, if you have not eaten those things and your pee smells strange, then this could be a sign of something sinister. Examples are diabetes that is not controlled, liver and kidney issues or bladder infections. If it smells and it is dark, then you may either need more to drink or your liver is not working properly.

#6 – You Use Bleach If You Use Ammonia Too To Clean

You Use Bleach If You Use Ammonia Too To Clean

If you want to bleach your toilet bowl, then add one-quarter of a cup to the bowl and allow it to sit for minutes so it disinfects. Then you can clean it. But don’t add ammonia to it. It created a toxic mix which can cause nausea, watery eyes, or at the worst pneumonia. In fact, don’t use bleach with any other chemical at all which includes vinegar. Just use it on its own.

#5 – You Use Scented Toilet Paper

You Use Scented Toilet Paper

Scented toilet paper can cause some serious itching which also means scented wipes and harsh soaps and lotions can do the same. This can easily irritate the recall area which is known as ‘polished anal syndrome’. Only use plain toilet paper and then go into the shower and use a mild soap to clean, that is all.

#4 – Douching Was Found To Be Harmful And Not Helpful

For women that still douche are risking themselves for ending up with bad infections. There are plenty of good and healthy bacteria in the lady bits that are needed to keep the area healthy and clean. But douching can force the bacteria as well into the reproductive area which can cause some serious illnesses and problems. Just wash the area with warm water as well as very mild soap and that is it.

#3 – Wet Wipes Are Not Eco-Friendly

Wet Wipes Are Not Eco-Friendly

When you flush the toilet, you may be tempted to flush wet wipes which are not biodegradable and that means it will just add more waste to the environment. Throw wet wipes out into the garbage and not into the toilet. This is bad for the environment as toilet paper is meant to disintegrate.

#2 – You Don’t Close The Lid When Flushing

You Don't Close The Lid When Flushing

This is gross but the reality is if you are flushing with the lid up, you are allowing all kinds of microbes from the toilet which are brought on by #1 and #2, especially to be flown into the air. Therefore, these microbes will go all over your bathroom, and home which is gross to think about. You will be inhaling those too! Eww. Keep the lid down when you flush.

#1 – Using Toilet Paper Under

Using Toilet Paper Under

The great debate about whether toilet paper should be used over or under has been settled. It has been found that using toilet paper under can increase the chances of germs from your hands ending up on the wall as you reach for the toilet paper. So when you hang it, be sure to place where the toilet paper is over so your hands don’t touch the wall.

Now the next time you use the bathroom, you will want to remember these points so you can maintain optimal health, and keep the environment intact as well.

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